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How to schedule recurring tasks

Recurring tasks can be scheduled in two ways:

  • The @bus.client.every() decorator – Will execute a function or coroutine at a given interval
  • The @bus.client.schedule() decorator – Similar to every(), but takes complex schedules as provided by the schedule library.

Simple recurring tasks using @bus.client.every()

Lightbus natively supports simple recurring tasks using the @bus.client.every() decorator:

import lightbus

bus = lightbus.create()

def do_it():

The interval can be specified using the seconds, minutes, hours, and days keys. Pass also_run_immediately=True to execute the function/coroutine immediately, as well as at the given interval.

Complex schedules using @bus.client.schedule()

Lightbus also supports using schedules specified using the schedule library. This allows for schedules such as 'every Monday at 1am', rather than simple intervals. For example:

import lightbus
import schedule

bus = lightbus.create()

# Run the task every 1-3 seconds, varying randomly
def do_it():
    print("Hello using schedule library")