Getting involved (even if you don't code)

Lightbus can only thrive as a project if it has new contributors getting involved, this means we need you!

"But I've never contributed to open source before," I hear you cry. Well, it turns out most people have never contributed to open source before either, so don't worry, you're not alone. The Lightbus team (which currently consists of me, Adam) is here to support you.

Code of Conduct

Make sure you read over the Code of Conduct. This will outline how you should engage with others, and how you should expect to be treated yourself.

How to get started (non-coding)

There are lots of ways you can get even without getting stuck into code. Even if you are a Python developer, this can still be a good place to start:

  • Say hello in our community chat. We can have a chat about ways in which you can help.
  • Raise an issue and describe something you find confusing about Lightbus. Something you think is not clear or missing from the documentation.
  • Submit a pull request to improve the documentation (for example, I'm sure you can find some typos)
  • Tell me how you are using (or would like to use) Lightbus. This kind of insight is invaluable.

How to get started (coding)

If you want to get stuck in to writing some code here are some good places to start:

  • See how to modify Lightbus for a guide to getting your local development environment setup.
  • If you have a specific idea or bug you would like to fix then come and discuss it, either in our community chat or in a GitHub issue. It would be great to meet you, and I may be able to advise you of any pitfalls to be aware of.
  • Read over the code to get a feel for how things work. For a high-level view take a look at the BusClient class. For a low-level view of the messaging system take a look at the redis transports (lightbus/transports/redis). You'll likely find some typo's as you go, so feel free to submit a pull request!
  • Work on one of the project's issues. I recommend you talk your plan over me first, that way we can make sure you develop something that fits with the the project as a whole.